QCD-Legal is a boutique consultancy that specialises in technology implementation and organisational improvement..

Our objective is simple - to enable organisations to be “better”.

That is, to be more efficient and effective whilst sustaining or improving the quality of service that your clients' have come to expect.

In essence, everything that is methodology should be aligned to what your client will pay for - and that's simply what we help you to do.

Here at QCD-Legal, we aim to excel.

Our people are passionate about improvement. They believe that everything can be better
and have yet to be proved wrong. 

They believe in building cultures where your staff can experiment and try new things without fear of recrimination, helping you on your journey towards excellence
  • Speak to us before you buy software systems;

  • Make sure your methods are as good as they can be before you begin;

  • Ensure your program and investment will make the return you expect;

  • If you have projects under way and need help to ensure they deliver - that's us too, and;

  • If you have bought new technology and want to ensure you're making the most of it - then give us a call.
Richard Jones - Director

An experienced and accomplished business improvement leader with a proven track record accrued over the last 30 years in Commercial and Legal sectors. Through QCD-Legal, Richard challenges the status quo and makes methodology, structure and systems better.

An experienced leader and Continuous Improvement practitioner, he has a passion for Implementing LEAN through developing people and achieving sustained and measurable business improvement.

Richard drives customer focused operational improvement, design and implementation of measurement systems in support of improvement programmes, including world class Business Intelligence described by a leading insurer as “the standard to which all firms should aspire”

Richard ensures client side engagement and business development through use of technology and a digital platform as an enabler, an approach that seeks to align client value and delivery for better and more profitable business outcomes.

Richard has a passion for improvement and is able to ignite that passion in others to ensure that improvement happens and is sustained.