QCD - Plan

Without doubt technology is the largest investment you'll make for some time...

In order to ensure that you are ready and have thought through how the transformation or improvement will take place, you will probably have asked key questions such as; where to invest when investment is finite, if your organisation has the tools and techniques required to make these decisions properly and can it apply appropriate focus around them to ensure they are aligned to organisational goals? 

Some questions that will most probably arise are:

  • What is the scope of our project or programme?
  • Does this (Scope) align to our organisational strategy?
  • What will success look like, how will you know? Will you be able to demonstrate that success in simple terms that everyone will understand?
  • How long will it take? You'll know that naturally we want to place projects inside a "time constraint" but will that secure the best outcome?
  • What work will be required to make it happen? And if we know this, do we know who will do it? Will we need more resources to ensure success?
  • Will staff come with us? Why will they? (or wont they..) And how do we know? How can we make sure that they do?
  • Is I.T. really required? (perhaps a key question) What can we do with our resources/staff to increase efficiency (more for less/more for the same) without investment in Technology?​​ 
The questions above are only a sample of those which will help to aim your investment towards securing better outcomes, productivity and therefore profit once the project is completed. We can help.
QCD - Support

You want to make sure you money is spent wisely

This element assists in the planning of the actual transformation and subsequently supports that plan into fruition. Unlike the planning phase, this is where the real project steps come in - the who does what and when kind of thing. Where I.T. is necessary, we are not seeking to replace the software providers – you’ll need them, we are here to help with planning and execution;

  • TOM design – (Target Operating Model.) So you think you need I.T. but what model will it support? too often that's not understood, and organic growth in software systems leads ot enpensive complexity and poor return on investment
  • Will you work the same way as you do today? Will you need the same balance of skills and support staff?
  • Will that impact our BOR (Balance of Resources) and if so, how and what do we need to make that change happen?
  • What can we do to make the most of our investment? What can be leveraged? Should we seek to enable very different ways of working, like LPM (Legal Project Management) where that may apply.
  • If they don't know how, who will guide them? Will staff make that change? Should we involve them in that change? Should our methods change in line with what the software will enable? (they should!)
  • Who will plan this? How will that plan be aligned to our software implementation? What do “I” need to do to support it/enable it?

We can ensure that you have the right resources to deliver your improvement and make sure the changes stick.
QCD - Recover

Improvement or investment project is underway and not behaving itself?

Our Intervention to align the programme should the worst occur, funding dries up – take up of technology is not what you required, or the "Dreadful" programme is behind schedule or time or over budget….QCD-Legal can intervene;

  • Rescue/recover – post intervention support for the programme to deliver to the next reasonable stage, to enable handover to your own resources;
  • Ensure that your own resources are capable and the organisation is aligned to the outcomes i.e. the organisation is responsible for the project outcomes not the “project managers”;
  • Supply specialist skills in support of your program – often programmes are full of contract staff but who aligns them to make sure they deliver the organisational requirements? Who will take responsibility to steer their valuable input in the best way possible?
  • We can help source the most suitable staff to support the value outcomes of your project. 

We can ensure that you have the right resources to place your project back on track and deliver the profitability you expected.